About Us

Maison, Milwaukee Restaurant, French cuisine Maison is a new, privately-owned Milwaukee restaurant specializing in modern adaptations of traditional French cuisine. Its classic, yet modern bistro décor creates a cozy and comforting ambiance of color and light.

Owner and Executive Chef, Michael Quinn, has combined his background in French cooking with his deep respect for the city’s strong French connection. Maison’s unique menu offers many items from French producers, including cheese, escargot, and olive oil, as well as a wide selection of French wine, cognac, and spirits.

He is excited to be opening soon in the culturally rich Washington Heights community, and hopes to connect further with the Alliance Française in Milwaukee, as well as participate in the many lovely festivals put together by the West Vliet Street Business Association.

Thank you for all the neighborly support and eager excitement that has been shown by all.

Bienvenue á la Maison!