Best Cellars: 6 Authentic French Wines Served at Maison

Authentic French Wine at Maison

By now, we’re sure that many of you have heard of Maison. We’re Milwaukee’s most recent French restaurant, specializing in classic French dishes with our own modern twists. Although we love to adapt French cuisine, one thing we never compromise on is quality and taste.

Our Owner, Michael Quinn, loves all things French. He truly enjoys the distinct flavors found throughout the countryside of France. For this reason, Mike decided to only serve authentic French wine at Maison.

Owner’s Choice of Fine Wine

Depending on the region where wine is produced, you’ll find that many flavors may vary – sometimes subtly and other times very noticeably.

In France, there is a vast network of exceptional winemakers, so how did we choose which we would serve at Maison? Based on the criteria of quality, flavor, and unique winemaking styles, we’ve carefully selected the following French wines (and more!) to have on hand at Milwaukee’s newest French restaurant. Let’s take a look!

6 Authentic French Wines to Try at Maison

Variety of French Wine at Maison
  1. Billecart-Salmon Champagne, Brut Rosé

Produced in the small village of Mareuil-sur-Äy, this champagne holds an elegant and refined flavor. The Billecart-Salmon Champagne House has been family-owned for nearly 200 years with an extreme focus on quality. This can be easily grasped simply by looking at the House’s lavishly landscaped garden. Billecart’s Brut Rosé champagne has a pale pink color and fine bubbles, combining hints of red fruits and pear to create a delicate balance and finish.

  1. Château Pégau, Maclura

Originating in the famous wine country of the Rhône Valley in southern France, these vineyards belong to the renowned estate of Paul Féraud and his daughter Laurence. Named after a species of orange found in and around castle gardens, the Maclura 2013 offers a smoky mixture of black cherry and tobacco. Also hinting at cinnamon and clove, this is a medium-bodied red wine with a robust finish.

  1. Château Mongravey, Margaux

This exquisite red wine comes from the Margaux Village, well-known for its many wine houses in southwest France. Château Mongravey holds a deep respect for its vines, which produce high quality wine. The house is equipped with 450 French oak barrels to ensure the complexity of its flavor. The toasty Margaux Contrôlée 2014 has a vibrant blend of ripe fruit and notes of oak. Its expressive flavor settles naturally with a polished finish.

  1. Gachot-Monot, Côte de Nuits-Villages

Originating in the Village of Corgoloin in eastern France, the Gachot-Monot Côte de Nuits Contrôlée 2012 is produced from 40 to 45-year-old vines. Fifth-generation winemaker, Damien Gachot, is famous for producing wine that reaches a far higher level of quality than the region’s soil should allow. The 2012 is no different, as it blends hints of tobacco with a robust mixture of black and red fruits to create a well-balanced flavor and refined finish. 

  1. Alain Brumont: Château Bouscassé, Madiran

This wine is produced at the home estate of Alain Brumont in the Madiran area of southwest France. Brumont inherited his father’s estate in 1979 with very little knowledge of the wine industry. Today, he’s built Château Bouscassé into one the greatest producers in France. The 2009 Madiran red blend has a lush and dark flavor, combining black cherry and other fruits to solidify its consistency. It has a full taste with hints of sweet spice and a floral finish. 

  1. Bollinger Champagne, La Grande Anée

Produced in the Äy commune in northeast France, Bollinger Champagne was founded by Athanase de Villermont, a brilliant French soldier in the American Revolutionary War. After inheriting an estate from a wealthy relative, he teamed up with German wine trader, Joseph Bollinger, to create the Champagne House that exists today. With a delicate flavor, the Bollinger La Grande Anée 2005 includes notes of toasted almond and savory fruits. Its gentle hints of crystallized honey and preserved lemon achieves a distinct taste with a subtle, spiced finish.

Looking to Give French Wine a Try?

Champagne produced and bottled in France

We’d like to welcome you to Maison, “French for Home.” We’ll soon be open on Vliet Street in the historic Washington Heights neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Stop in and give our tasty menu a try – paired with, of course, a glass of authentic French wine. We look forward to serving you and getting you know you, as we open our doors to this supportive community. Cheers!