French Words to Know, Volume I – General Phrases

French Words to Know, Volume I

As many of you know, we’re Maison – Milwaukee’s most recent addition to the historic Washington Heights neighborhood. We respect and celebrate the intoxicating culture of France, specializing in modern adaptations of authentic French dishes. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some general French words and phrases you can use in polite conversation with us, here at Maison.

Bienvenue – Welcome

Pronunciation: (BEE-YEAH-VEN-YEW)

We feel this was the most appropriate word to place at the top of this list. First of all, Bienvenue á la Maison! We were able to open our doors near the end of May 2017, and are thrilled to have welcomed so many terrific friends and customers inside.

Although you may not necessarily use this word with us, French culture is notoriously a welcoming one. Our hope is that in the time you spend at Maison, you experience a touch of France. After all, sharing our unique, inviting atmosphere is contagious!

S’il Vous Plaît – Please

Pronunciation: (SIL-VOO-PLAY)

There’s plenty of power in this simple word. Not only does it translate to a respectable French phrase, it also goes a long way in practical conservations. For instance, “Could I see a menu, please?” sounds much more eloquent than “Can I get a menu?”

Impress your next waiter or waitress by slipping S’il Vous Plaît into the conversation, while ordering. They will most definitely appreciate it.

Merci, Merci Beaucoup – Thank You, Thank You Very Much

Pronunciation: (MARE-SEE) or (MARE-SEE BOO-KOO)

This French phrase provides you with a difficult choice – whether to be thankful or very thankful! The word, merci, is the common expression of thanks in the French language with beaucoup meaning a large amount.

Once your glass of authentic French wine is brought to your table, it will be time to decide how truly thankful you are. Will it be a quick “Thank You,” or will you channel your inner Elvis with a “Thank You Very Much?”

Je Meurs de Faim – I’m Starving

Pronunciation: (SHA-MEL-DUH-FOAM)

The literal translation of this light-hearted phrase is “I’m dying from hunger.” Although we absolutely hope this is never the case, it’s acceptable to express this at Maison.

Honest expression is another popular quality of French culture, and we encourage this sort of thing. Enjoy a range of superb dining and drinking options that we offer at Maison, which are sure to stifle your hunger pangs.

We’re also now open early on Saturdays (3pm as opposed to 5pm), so you’ll have the chance to order from our updated bar menu, before you truly starve.

Bon Appétit – Enjoy Your Meal

Pronunciation: (BONE-APPA-TEE)

We’re sure you have heard this French phrase before. These infamous words are commonly known as the official sendoff for classic French dishes, from our modern kitchen to your inviting table.

Our hope is that you never walk away from Maison thinking, “I did not enjoy my meal.” Our dedicated staff is here to serve you, in any way we can. So – bon appétit!

À La Prochaine – Until Next Time

Pronunciation: (AH-LA-PRO-SHIN)

Another phrase which begs mentioning is À La Prochaine, meaning “Until Next Time!” We hope you not only enjoy your dining experience with us, but also return to share in our unique ambiance again and again.

As fairly new members of the community, it’s nice for us to see familiar faces and make lasting friendships. We hope you feel the same.

If you’d like, you may even leave us a review on Facebook, Google, or Yelp to let us know how we’re doing and help others find us, as well. You may also simply connect with us on Instagram or Facebook.

Test Out Your New French Words

How confident do you feel in your newfound knowledge of the French language? Make a reservation at Maison, try our summer food/drink specials, and test your pronunciation on a member of our delightful wait staff.

We’re patiently awaiting your next visit to Maison. Until then – Bonne journée!